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型號(PratNumber) FKBB3103
數量(QTY.) 15000
廠(chǎng)家(Brand) FETEK/東沅
封裝(Package) PRPAK3X3
聯(lián)系人(contact) 顏先生/William
電話(huà)(contact) 0755-82170220,21001680

FKBB3103     PRPAK3X3

The FKBB3103 is the high cell density trenchedP-ch MOSFETs, which provide excellent RDSON

and gate charge for most of the synchronous buckconverter applications.

The FKBB3103 meet the RoHS and Green Product requirement, 100% EAS guaranteed with

full function reliability approved.

100% EAS Guaranteed

 Green Device Available

 Super Low Gate Charge

 Excellent CdV/dt effect decline

 Advanced high cell density Trench


型號(PartNumber) 數量(QTY.) 廠(chǎng)家(Brand) 封裝(Package) 批號(DC.) 描述(Description) PDF
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FKBB3103 15000 FETEK/東沅 PRPAK3X3 FKBB3103 PRPAK3X3The FKBB3103 is the high cell
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